Triple Date Dare EP

by tk and the Irresistibles

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released September 28, 2013

recorded by jalipaz at audioconfusion in Mesa, Arizona.
Ukuelele/Singing - tk
Drums/Gang Vox - Max
Guitar - Aydin
Keys/Back-up and Gang Vox - Mary
Bass/Gang Vox - Molly Parker
Gang Vox - jalipaz

Originally released as a double-EP, "Oh Yeah" originally released on Rubber Brother Records. [] - Limited Availability.




tk and the Irresistibles Phoenix, Arizona

Party Forever.

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Track Name: Erin 2
I've got this dream that I could make you scream. I could get right under your skin and pull out that wonderful grin. I've got this thought that to me you mean quite a lot. We could hold hands and walk through the sand. But there are so many reasons as to why I can't seem to follow through. I'm a mess and you are a blessed. In my head is where you're going to stay because- I've got lots of thoughts. Where the unobtainable girls are locked. What could have been a negative reality can become a positive memory so good luck. I may not see you much after that moving truck. You're the one I'll never forget.
Track Name: Candy
You're hungry, I know. You're life it kind of blows. So we're looking and hunting for some kind of resuscitation and you're sewing- and growing. You're listing all of the details but you're losing it all to some parents that don't believe in you. We're trying so hard to try and set your life straight so you can open your eyes and see yourself oh so great. Because there are so many great things to live for, life and adventures to explore. It's time for you to escape that rut, go out at night and shake your butt.
Track Name: Hazel
I want to get to know you better. But I don't know where to start, all I know is I don't want to break your heart. I don't know where to begin, couldn't you just let me in? I could buy you a drink oh wait, oh no- I don't want to over think. No I don't! Girl, you play way too hard. Don't you know that I'm no bard. But there's one thing I keep seeming to miss, that's the very first kiss.
Track Name: Oh Yeah
Oh! Yeah! Oh Yeah!