You Are Definitely Not My GF EP

by tk and the Irresistibles

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2nd EP


released September 28, 2013

recorded by jalipaz at audioconfusion in Mesa, Arizona.
Ukuelele/Singing - tk
Drums/Gang Vox - Max
Guitar - Aydin
Keys/Back-up and Gang Vox - Mary
Bass/Gang Vox - Molly Parker
Gang Vox - jalipaz

Originally released as a double-EP, "Oh Yeah" originally released on Rubber Brother Records. [] - Limited Availability.




tk and the Irresistibles Phoenix, Arizona

Party Forever.

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Track Name: Julianne
You gotta dream, dream, dream. You gotta sing sing sing. You gotta breathe breathe breathe, from your head down to your toes.
Because it's time to be everything you want to be cause if you're not now, when will you ever be. If you cannot believe in yourself then I will just have to do it for you. Cause you'
Track Name: Amber
I can see the amber rays of your new life so I wonder how it'd feel like to hold your hand. To sit nowhere, and talk about all of our great plans. Check out so many vast scapes, so we can plan our great escape. So the oxygen won't be so tempted to perturb our great fate. You don't have to worry about those matchsticks, that intentional fire that is our catalyst.
Third degree burns can be what the skin yearns- falling so free yeah we're dancing so cautious. We're going to save lives but burry our mothers, we're going to save lives- never forget all the others. Including yours.
Track Name: Alex
She said she doesn't want to be friends. She says, "It's time for things to end." As she stares you right in the eye. "Oh, but we should still be friends." And so you're bound to this repetition.
Too much, too little time. You're waiting for a sign as she comes on over, she's getting a little bit closer. She says, "You know we just can't be together."
You've got to hold on, not to her, but to your own heart. You've got to hold on, not to an idea, but to your ensign.
Because she was good for you then but tha twas back then, you're capable of such amazing things. Soon enough you'll find the one, you will find the one.
Track Name: I Am A GF (Nobunny Cover)
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